Television Appearances

PBS – State of the Arts

Capturing the look and feel of Revolutionary War spaces.

ABC/WTNH News 8 – Nyberg

Photographs of Connecticut’s New England Trail.

ABC/WTNH News 8 – Nyberg

Street photography debuts in exhibits at Stamford and Scotland.

STN Channel 2 News

Debut of the New England Trail collection.

STN Channel 2 News

Sara Gasparotto talks with Xiomaro about his street photography.

CBS/WFSB – Eyewitness News

Debut solo exhibition of 23 photo ceramics.

CBS/WFSB – Eyewitness News

A modern twist to an old idea.

CBS/WFSB – Eyewitness News

“Weir Farm Restored” – a solo exhibition of 40 photographs.

National Park Service and Partners

A historic hiking route through two states.

News 12 – Long Island

Uncovering the secrets of Theodore Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill.

News 12 – Long Island

Extended uncut interview on the secrets of Sagamore Hill.

News 12 – Long Island

Black History Month exhibit on the Floyd slave cemetery.

News 12 – Long Island

Xiomaro restores wedding photo lost in Hurricane Sandy.

News 12 – Connecticut

The dramatic before-and-after restoration of Weir Farm.

News 12 – Long Island

Uncut interview with Emmy Award winning journalist Virginia Huie.

Xiomaro – Dark Road

An unforgettable childhood experience.

Xiomaro – Julio

“I will not die.  It’s the world that will end.”

Xiomaro – I’m Not Happy

…until I find something to be unhappy about.

Xiomaro – Not The Way

About my mother.

Xiomaro – It’s A Wonder

“Where my heart is you will find my wealth.”

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