Xiomaro’s GIANT Portfolio

Atrium Gallery, Morris County Administration and Records Building
10 Court Street, 4th Floor, Morristown, New Jersey
  • September 16, 2023
  • Monday - Friday
    8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Xiomaro’s GIANT Portfolio

Renowned photographer Xiomaro expertly captures memories of past and present, bringing history to life while enhancing our understanding of nature and contemporary urban life.  Photographing scenes from National Park Service historic and natural sites throughout the country, he imbues his photos with emotional depth.  One feels the bleakness and cold surrounding the soldier’s huts in Jockey Hollow, the poignancy of an unadorned slave cemetery and the whimsy and joy in portraits of urban street musicians.  In all, his perspectives enhance our understanding and appreciation of history, memory, natural surroundings, and our common, unvarnished humanity.  Dr. Lynn Siebert, Gallery Director

Instead of a small carrying case to show a representative selection of photography, why not use the walls of an entire floor exceeding 850,000 square feet in a prominent building?

Xiomáro’s GIANT Portfolio has the internationally exhibited artist reaching deep into his archives dating from 2011 through 2022 to present 43 large-scale photographs.

The collection reveals the breadth and scope of Xiomáro’s career.  Some of the images are drawn from his most well-known exhibitions at Harvard University, African Burial Ground National Monument, and the Morris Museum as well from his book, Weir Farm National Historic Site (Arcadia Publishing).  But most of the 43 photographs on view have never been publicly exhibited before due to space and thematic constraints.

Each of the 20 walls on the Atrium Gallery’s fourth floor displays a mini-exhibit with images from either the artist’s many National Park Service commissions or from his independent personal work.

National Park photographs offer rare views of historic rooms, sites, and artifacts of iconic American political leaders such as General George Washington and President Theodore Roosevelt as well as cultural figures such as landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted and artist Julian Alden Weir.  Landscape and wildlife images created at the Everglades, Big Cypress, Fire Island National Seashore, and other important environments provide an organic counterpoint.

His personal work includes his street photography – glimpses at the daily lives playing out in a variety of ephemeral scenes. Melancholic images suggesting alienation and loneliness in a city of millions are contrasted with personal interactions of joy, wonder, and creativity.

The collection is presented in the Atrium Gallery’s 4th floor main room, hallway, and elevator lobby with a layout described as a “square Guggenheim.”  While here, visit the other floors to see over 130 works by five additional artists who are part of this overall exhibition Mystery, Memory & Magic.

All photographs are available for exhibition and purchase. Contact Xiomaro

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