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Penn Station is a hallucinatory swirl leaving many interpretations up to one's imagination.  Perhaps it is a comment on the pace of modern life.  Or is it about urban crowding?  Maybe it's about a sense of alienation?

The Motion > Blur exhibition features 75 juried selections from 13 nations (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Greece, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States).

As described by the gallery, Motion > Blur presents the paradox created by photography.  The image is a frozen moment in time, but what is captured is an object that is a blur of motion – an apparent streaking, bending, distorting, and/or movement of light and objects in the foreground or background of the image frame.  Blur can demonstrate the velocity of movement.  It can convey the emotional dimensions of the subject photographed, presenting dream-like qualities by invoking the surreal and transitory nature of time passing.


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