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My Art | Your Room
It's gratifying to see my art hanging in a public space like a museum or gallery.  I'm especially pleased when
someone makes a personal connection with my photographs and displays them in their private space at home
or work.  Send me snapshots of my art in your room and I will post them here for all to enjoy.
New England National Scenic Trail | Martin
Martin, who lives in California and loves gardening and nature, purchased this image of the Quabbin Reservoir
in Massachusetts, which is one of the many scenic areas to be encountered near the New England National Scenic Trail,
a 215-mile hiking route that starts in Connecticut.
New England National Scenic Trail
Fire Island High Dune Wilderness - Eugenie
Eugenie writes, "This is the fourth of Xiomaro’s photographs I have collected.  I will continue to support his art
because I enjoy his artistic view of nature and the way Xiomaro incorporates the natural beauty of the landscape
with a historical perspective  This photograph exhibits a place of solitude and tranquility."
Fire Island High Dune Wilderness - Eugenie
Fire Island High Dune Wilderness - Martin

Martin, a software executive for Thomson-Reuters, said that "the image grabbed me from the moment I saw it.  I like the beauty and complexity that results from the simple — it is just grains of sand — but together they create a view that has motion and texture."

My Art, Your Room - Martin
tPlanting Fields Arboretum | Eugenie
Eugenie, a manager at a top 5 global accounting firm, attended one of my talks and soon acquired two of my images.  
One of the prints, "Anxious for Spring," hangs in her living room because "the stark contrast of the white and brown
with the only color from the red Cardinal gives a contemporary look to the photograph."

The photograph is also "very special as it brings back memories of having studied for many years at the
Planting Fields Arboretum through the State University of New York."
Sagamore Hill | Lora
Lora formed a Rough Riders club in Kentucky where other Theodore Roosevelt aficionados can meet and discuss history.  
So it is fitting that she purchased this close-up of TR's portrait, which now hangs over her fireplace.

Lora observes that "it’s printed on smooth, glossy paper, but I swear, if I were to reach out and touch it...my fingertips would feel
the textures of canvas and paint."
 You can see other sharp details from TR's Summer White House at my Sagamore Hill collection.
Sagamore Hill | Lora
Sagamore Hill | David
David, a prominent attorney and author, attended one of my exhibit talks and became the owner of this Theodore Roosevelt
close-up from my Sagamore Hill collection.  It's a detail from a portrait painted by the famed artist, Fedor Encke.  

The image hangs by his desk at his New York City office.
 "The picture on my computer comes from your exhibit at the
Oyster Bay Historical Society," explains David.  "I purchased the photo from you at that time and my mother had it framed."
My Art | Your Room
Weir Farm | Kristin
Kristin chose to purchase a Collection Folio of 12 prints.  She had many favorites and wanted to give prints as
gifts to her mom and sister.  So the Collection Folio saved her more than 50% over purchasing individual prints.

Here are two from my Weir Farm collection that she had framed and matted for her bedroom.  She went
with my images of the iconic stars that appear on the ceiling of Julian Alden Weir's painting studio.

Kristin writes, "I'm really excited to own some of your works.  I love seeing them every day!"
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