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As commissions are highly individualized, please contact me about fees.

Artistic Documentation of Historic Sites

Historic structures, sites, landscapes, artifacts for exhibits, books,
merchandise, marketing, publicity and many new uses as digital
technology and social media continue to develop.

Photo Restoration

Digital scanning, repair and enhancement of damaged
and severely aged or fading photographs.  Sample images


Portraiture for leaders and groups at businesses, sports
teams, religious organizations and other corporate entities.
Portraiture for individuals and families.  Portraiture for fashion
models, actors, musicians and other creative talent for use in
portfolios, CD covers, books, posters, and other promotional material.


Photography of corporate and personal collections
such as cars, memorabilia, museum pieces, etc.

Documentary Photography

Photographic documentation of important travels
(e.g., expeditions, shows, tours, promotional trips, etc.)
as well as corporate and personal celebrations.

Graphic Design

Conceptual photography and computer manipulation for logos,
image libraries, advertising and editorial usage in all media
(e.g., magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, calendars, posters, websites).

Product Photography

Photography of all commercial products for websites, catalogues, advertising, brochures.

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