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From the iconic to the little-known, Morris County is brimming with historic sites that span the centuries and spark the imagination. In this exhibit, internationally acclaimed photographer Xiomáro vividly captures eight local sites from new, exciting angles, providing a fascinating perspective not always visible to the public. The never-before-seen works shot especially for this exhibit explore the beauty to be found in the mundane and the poignant traces left behind by generations past.

Artifacts generously provided by each site's stewards accompany the powerful images as a tangible connection to the diverse histories reflected in Xiomáro's lens. Representing various facets of local life from the domestic to the industrial, the objects on display have been witness to countless lives which have left their mark both figuratively and literally. Out of the artist's 16 compelling photographs and through these vestiges of the past, a unique view of Morris County's rich history emerges.

Past Exhibit Events  

"Very down to earth. Great teacher! For all levels of photographers. Well worth the drive. His teaching skills are first-class." Bonnie C.


Come to Morris County Historical Society and spend a relaxed afternoon with Xiomáro, an internationally exhibited artist. You and a small group will take a casual walk with him through the historic neighborhood. You'll be instructed on how to create dynamic, artistic images that highlight the area’s architectural beauty while learning the history and features of the unique 19th-century homes.


Photo walk attendees will be eligible to win one smartphone wide angle/close-up lens. A $40 value.

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