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“My internship truly exceeded my expectations. In just a short amount of time, I was able to learn so much about writing and research and was taught skills and tools that were directly applicable in my first semester. What I valued most and still value to this day is how Xio is genuinely invested in my growth and development as a professional.

I think my experience with him gave me a lot of real-world experiences/stories of exactly what it is like, which you cannot get from just researching the profession. I consider Xio one of my mentors and I would highly recommend this internship."
Jahkeem Wheatley
Oberlin College
Oberlin, Ohio

"Interning with Xiomaro was one of the most educational and empowering experiences I've ever had. I've had other internships that were either slave labor or just a housemaid by another name.

Xio shares everything he knows and every new opportunity that crosses his path. Even after law school, my go-to tools are still tools Xio provided." 

  Margee Fagelson
Legal Consultancy
New York, New York


"Internships sometimes get a bad rap, but of course not all internships are bad. It all depends on the quality of the manager and the quality of mentorship and work. Many managers feel they don’t have time to invest in the training of their interns and that mindset is counterproductive.

About 24 years ago, I completed a two month internship with Xiomaro. It was a brilliant tenure with him where I got exposed to a number of negotiations and was allowed to negotiate some contracts myself. I saw Xio in action with clients and soaked up a lot of his style and attributes which I believe I retain to this day. An opportunity to do an internship with him is invaluable."


Vivek Padmanabhan
Standard Chartered
Dubai, United Arab Emirates



"I interned for Xiomaro during my final semester of college back in 1996. Xio put me right to work, treated me professionally - like a college senior rather than some free student help, and demanded I use skills commensurate with my education and the bustle of a small but busy law office. 

It opened my eyes. To this day, we maintain a relationship I am grateful for. Much respect."

  Richard Masotti
Actor and Voice Over Talent
Yonkers, New York


"I had the pleasure and privilege of interning with Xiomaro as a law student at St. John’s University. My internship took the lessons learned in school and applied them to the real world. There is no better place to learn

As an intern, I was treated as an associate. I was not the obvious choice, but my passion and hard work set me apart from much more qualified candidates. It’s still one of the better stories of my early career. The most amazing part is that 15 years later, my relationship with Xio is stronger than ever.


Robert D. Siano
Commissioner, Board of Elections
New York, New York



"I interned for Xiomaro many years ago when I was about 24 and he was an entertainment lawyer. Up until then I had had many internships and found them useless in terms of my career growth other than putting something on my resume. However, with Xiomaro I found somebody who truly tried to help me out in any way he could and he taught me how a true professional works.

He gave me assignments that challenged me and he showed me how to get things done. That was half my life ago. Today I run a successful private practice law firm and I often think about Xiomaro and the couple of months I interned for him. I gained a tremendous amount of experience with him, and I would highly recommend an internship with Xiomaro." 

  Michael Borja
Borja Law Firm
Jackson Heights, New York


"I had the privilege of working with Xiomaro as an intern during law school. Xio is a brilliant attorney and instructor. 

Not only does he share his outstanding lawyering skills, he also demonstrates a moral compass that one may follow through one’s career."


Dr. Eli Avila
Chief Federal Medical Officer
United States Army
Albany, New York



"My time with Xiomaro was invaluable. He not only taught me about entertainment law but about business and life in general. 

My year there were the seeds to help me open up my own sports law firm years later."

  Alexander Sepulveda
Professor, Saint Peter's University
Jersey City, New Jersey



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