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Icons of New York - Street Photography with Xiomaro

Limited to 6 participants only!

Early Bird Special:  $190 (save $60)
Now until Friday, September 27, at midnight

Includes a free instructional eBook

Workshop fee after September 27:  $250

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Whether an amateur or a pro, you will improve your photography skills in a half-day workshop with Xiomáro.  You'll learn:  compositional techniques based on time-honored artistic principles; how to pre-visualize and reinterpret the familiar to avoid clichéd images; methods for straddling the intersection of realism and abstraction; how to create a series with an overarching theme or narrative rather than singular images.  If you dare, you’ll also learn how to stealthily capture candid portraits of passersby and the energy of daily street life.  Push your artistic boundaries by photographing New York’s iconic locations featured in Hollywood films, television shows, and high-priced advertisements.  To ensure plenty of one-on-one coaching by Xiomáro, this workshop is limited to six participants.


Grand Central Terminal - Smartphone Photo by Xiomaro

Smartphone Photo by Xiomáro


The day starts at 10:30 am at Grand Central Terminal, conveniently accessible from wherever you are in the tri-state area.  Whether you are traveling to New York for pleasure or business, Icons of New York is a great way to experience some of the city’s key sites in a unique, non-touristy way.  Busy lives make it hard to concentrate on taking creative fun photos.  Committing to a workshop ensures that a day will be set aside for some “me time.”

What You Can Expect

After registration, you will receive the exact meeting location and a course-specific instructional guide to help you prepare in advance to get the most out of the workshop. 

The workshop is open to all experience levels, and the emphasis will be on the art of seeing.  So don’t worry about settings and other nerdy technical details.  It’s about having fun being creative with your mind, instead of giving that mind a headache.  And don’t be discouraged by rain or clouds.  Those conditions offer some of the best creative opportunities.  The date will not be postponed unless there is extreme weather.


New York Public Library - Smartphone Photo by Xiomaro

Smartphone Photo by Xiomáro


During the workshop, you'll be photographing iconic architecture – exteriors and interiors – as well as urban landscapes and street scenes.  Here’s the itinerary:

  • Grand Central Terminal  The soaring Beaux-Arts architecture of Grand Central is so dramatic that more than 50 films and television shows – including Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest and Francis Ford Coppola’s The Cotton Club – have featured this iconic landmark. 
  • The New York Public Library  There is more to photograph at the library’s Fifth Avenue terrace than just its famous lions.  There are two marble fountains with sculptures representing Beauty and Truth, Tiffany-designed bronze flagpole bases, chandeliers, geometric architectural patterns, and stone carvings.  The terrace is also a good vantage point to photograph street activity.
  • Bryant Park  This photographer’s playground of 9½ acres offers a wide variety of subject matter:  activities (table tennis, petanque, golf putting, chess), beautiful sculptures (a fountain terrace, a French carrousel, and seven monuments), six flower beds, an open air reading room, and food vendors.  Step into the lawn and be surrounded by an architectural showcase of glass-and-steel skyscrapers and older stone-faced ones with detail, colors, and textures for endless photo opportunities.  Note that, on occasion, the lawn may be closed for public events.

Xio will spend one-on-one time with all participants in the workshop, providing feedback, direction, and on-the-go constructive critiques.  After the workshop, all have the option of relaxing with Xio at a local eatery for food, drink, and conversation.  Icons of  New York is more than photography.  It's experiencing New York City in a different way with a select group of photographers who share your passion.  Leave the workshop with exciting photos, a new way of seeing the world, and with new friends.


Chandelier - Smartphone Photo by Xiomaro

Smartphone Photo by Xiomáro


What Camera Should You Bring

Bring whatever camera you are most comfortable with.  For most people nowadays, it’s going to be their smartphone, which has an ease of use, convenience, and stealth that makes it ideal for street photography.  All brands (iPhone, Samsung, etc.) are welcome as well as point-and-shoot cameras, DSLRs, and even film cameras.

Any Prerequisites?

The only prerequisite is that you love photography, are eager to learn, and ready to have fun.  Participants will learn something new, try out new ideas, or get a refresher.  So Icons of New York is open to all from amateurs to pros to prior attendees of Xio’s The Art of Phoneography workshops.


Candid Portrait - Smartphone Photo by Xiomaro]

Smartphone Photo by Xiomáro


After The Workshop

You will have the option of selecting a number of your photographs for publication on Xio’s blog and promotion on related social media outlets.  You will be encouraged to share your photographs on social media with the hashtag #xiomaro.

About Xiomáro

Your workshop leader is Xiomáro (See-oh-Mah-ro), a Brooklyn-born, life-long New Yorker who achieved national recognition as an artist, published author, and speaker.  His work can be seen in The New York Times, CBS Eyewitness News, Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, and other media outlets as well as at Harvard University, museums, galleries, and public spaces.  Xio is frequently commissioned by the U.S. National Park Service (NPS) to create artistic photographic collections that document the architecture and interiors of the nation's historic structures such as George Washington's headquarters, President Theodore Roosevelt's summer White House, and poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's mansion.  The NPS produced a short documentary about Xio's photography and his workshops for the NPS have become so popular that they are consistently and quickly filled with long waitlists.  Through his street photography, Xio is preserving the contemporary history of New York City architecture and life for future generations. Click here to see more of Xio’s street photography work.

Street Photography with Xiomaro eBook

Participants Will Receive
a Free Instructional eBook

Topics covered include:

  • Is street photography legal?
  • Do I need a photo release?
  • When do I need a permit?
  • What are the five artistic principles?
  • Inspiration from the masters of photography
  • and much more

Authored by Xiomáro with a Foreword by Sapna Dhandh-Sharma, Editor of Aspect Ratio magazine

Participants Will Be Entered Into a Free Drawing For These Prizes


Thanks to Xenvo, LensPen, and Red River Paper for supporting this workshop with their products.   Xiomáro has been their satisfied customer for years. Through these giveaways, the quality of your photography will also be elevated.



Prize:  Xenvo Shutterbug

Xenvo Shutterbug | Website
Bluetooth Remote Control Camera Shutter

With the Shutterbug's 30 foot range, you can snap selfies and group photos from afar.  It's excellent for street and nature photography as you can set up your smartphone at a distance and shoot without disturbing your subject.  And say goodbye to blurry photos.  By not having to tap your phone, you'll get razor sharp images because camera shake is eliminated.

The Shutterbug is equipped with advanced Ericsson Bluetooth 3.0 technology that auto-connects to your smartphone in split-seconds.  Its convenient and portable design clips easily to your bag or keychain so that you never leave home without the Shutterbug.  It comes with a lifetime warranty, battery, spare battery, lanyard, and clip.  It's compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung, and Google phones and tablets (but not with Windows phones).




LensPen PhotoPro Kit Elite | Website
Professional Lens & Camera Cleaning Kit

This kit assures that you'll keep your lenses in top shape and free from dust, dirt, grime, and fingerprints. It comes with the LensPen, a small, lightweight, pen-shaped cleaning tool. It includes the MiniPro, designed for smaller cameras. Both tools have a retractable cleaning brush on one end and a cleaning tip on the other. The long-lasting cleaning element contains no liquid, and is designed to never dry out. Put the Replenishment Cap back on after use, and it will refresh the surface of the tip, assuring that only its cleaning compound, not grease, will touch the lens on the next cleaning.

Also included is the MicroKlear Microfiber Cloth (8.5 x 10.5") for use on camera housings and cell phones.  The nylon carrying case has a belt loop so you'll always have your cleaning kit at the ready. 

LensPen is safe to use and environmentally friendly.



Red River Paper

Red River Paper | Website
Sample Pack of 5x7 and 4x6 Photo Paper

Red River's premium quality inkjet papers yield stunning results and their other professional papers are in stock for any printing project.  The company's support is unmatched with rapid email response and live phone support.  Flawless shipping ensures that your order will arrive in perfect shape every time.

Xiomáro exclusively uses Red River's glossy, matte, and metallic finish papers for his museum exhibits.





By submitting your fee, you agree to the following:

Cancellation, Refund, Lateness, and Absence

Xiomáro reserves the right to cancel workshops with less than six participants.  In the event of cancellation, you will be notified by email at least 14 calendar days in advance of the workshop, and you will be given a full refund.

All workshops are rain or shine.  Xiomáro, however, reserves the right to reschedule workshops in the event of severely inclement weather.  In the event of such a postponement, you will be notified by email as soon as reasonably possible.

You can cancel your registration up to 14 calendar days before the date of the workshop (the cancellation deadline) and receive a refund minus PayPal fees.  To cancel, contact Xiomáro by email. 

The registration fee is not refundable after the cancellation deadline.  The registration fee is not refundable, in whole or in part, for absences, late arrivals, or other unforeseen circumstances or emergencies you may encounter, or if you are dismissed for failure to comply with the Code of Conduct below.

It will not be possible to bring late participants up to date during the workshop.  Late or absent participants will not be able to schedule makeup time outside of the scheduled workshop time or in a future workshop.

Code of Conduct

You will:

  • respectfully observe all directions of police, emergency personnel, security guards, and other public or private authorities;
  • refrain if anyone declines being photographed and, if requested, will promptly delete their photograph;
  • refrain from aggressive in-your-face photography;
  • be aware of your surroundings and conduct yourself in a manner that is safe to you and others.

Liability Waiver

By attending a workshop, you understand and agree that you:

  • are fully responsible for any damage to, as well as loss or theft of, your personal property;
  • are fully responsible for any injuries, risks, damages, known or unknown for bodily and/or personal property that you may sustain;
  • are voluntarily participating in the workshop, assume all risks, and release Xiomáro, his employees, staff, instructors, volunteers, owners, and representatives, as well as, all facilities where these activities occur from any claim that you, your heirs, or legal representatives may have for any damages or injuries, known or unknown, incurred bodily and/or to personal property.


Travel, accommodations, meals, and other expenses are not included in the registration fee.

Your smartphone or digital camera and other electronic gear must operate from batteries.  Bring extra batteries or portable chargers.  Note that there are NO outlets available for your use at Grand Central Terminal.

Grand Central Terminal will not allow you to photograph from any staircases, landings, balconies, or anywhere beyond the train gates (platform/track area) nor in any tenant spaces.

If you enter the New York Public Library, you will not be allowed to use a tripod or flash (or other lighting).  Your smartphone or camera must be set on “mute” so that no shutter clicks, phone rings, text alerts, or other sounds will disturb others.  Photographs of the staff and researchers or of certain reading rooms are not permitted.

Xiomáro reserves the right to change or alter the workshop for safety and logistical reasons or for reasons imposed by Grand Central Terminal and other parties beyond his control.





Icons of New York - Street Photography with Xiomaro

Limited to 6 participants only!

Early Bird Special:  $190 (save $60)
Now until Friday, September 27, at midnight

Includes an instructional eBook (a $35 value)

Workshop fee after September 27:  $250

Click here
for policies





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