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Big Cypress National Preserve | Artist-in-Residence
Artist-in-Residence, Big Cypress National Preserve

Big Cypress National Preserve
February 1-28, 2015 | Website

What I’ll Be Doing

I’ll be creating a photographic collection of Big Cypress to emphasize the subtle beauty found there and the environmental issues faced within that landscape.  The project expands my current focus on the national parks and historical structures in the Northeast.  Nothing in this region is comparable to Big Cypress.  The residency also provides undistracted time to experiment with new story-telling methods, develop new artistic, photographic and video skills, and sharpen existing techniques.

In the meantime, I am developing a plan for using the collection to help 1) support the visitation, conservation and funding of Big Cypress and other national parks 2) draw diverse, nontraditional US audiences and foreign tourists to the parks and 3) inspire developing nations that are modeling their system on the National Park Service, which also fosters peaceful international cooperation.  Click here to see the collection I have developed so far called "Beautiful Killers."



About The Artist-in-Residence Program

The 729,000 acres of Florida's Big Cypress Swamp feeds its fresh water into the neighboring Everglades, which is essential to the health of the rich marine estuaries.  The swamp is home to a diversity of plant and wildlife communities, including the elusive Florida panther.

Park materials explain how artists have had a long-standing impact on the formation, expansion and direction of our national parks.  The program at Big Cypress continues this tradition and is one of the founding and longest-running programs in the National Park System.   It offers professional artists the opportunity to pursue their discipline while being surrounded by the preserve's inspiring landscape.

A panel of professionals from diverse artistic disciplines choose applicants based on artistic merit, the artwork's ability to communicate the values of the park and to meet the needs and scope of the preserve's art collection.

Admitted artists will present two 45-minute public programs during their residencies and selections of their work become part of the preserve's permanent museum collection for use in exhibits and other educational purposes.  The works contribute to the public understanding and appreciation of the national parks and create a legacy preserved for future generations.  The works translate the national preserve's purpose, as a place of pleasure and conservation, into images, which bring others enjoyment and a deeper understanding of the parks many Americans may never visit.  Artwork not on display is stored in the preserve's secure, environmentally controlled museum storage facility.



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