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Opening Reception and Speeches
September 8, 2023
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm · No RSVP Required
Champagne, cocktails, and caviar

This exhibition, one of the year's highlights, will feature speeches by two top art experts.

Yuxi Wang, Shanghai Himalayas Museum
Her expertise offers deep insights into global art trends.

Anthony Fawcett, Oxford University
The famed art critic and historian, known for his work with legends like Man Ray, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Andy Warhol, brings a unique understanding of art's essence.

The closest train station is London Bridge, two minutes away.
Map and Directions · Gallery Website


Trump Smoked My Weed, New York City | © 2023 Xiomaro.com


The Desnudas, New York City | © 2023 Xiomaro.com



From the Gallery

The discourse on the nature of art in the 21st century is very intriguing. While some creators remain rooted in the traditions of craft, others boldly venture into uncharted territories, invoking a constant debate around the central question – What Is art?  What makes it valuable? 

In modern art of today it's evident that success doesn't adhere to a single style or approach.  The diverse paths taken by some of the world's most renowned and affluent artists underscore the idea that every unique style of art can become valuable.

"Art" is not an easily defined concept.  This is why we've invited two of the world's leading art thinkers to share their insights at the opening event of this exhibition on the 8th of September:  Yuxi Wang, International Project Director from Shanghai Himalayas Museum, and Anthony Fawcett, art critic and historian from Oxford University.

Yuxi Wang's vast experience as an International Project Director at a renowned museum equips her with a deep understanding of global art trends and practices.  Her insights will be invaluable, providing us a unique perspective on the diverse world of contemporary art.

A highly respected art critic and historian, Anthony Fawcett is renowned for his collaborations with iconic artists such as Man Ray, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Andy Warhol.  His significant contributions to the "Anthony Fawcett Archive" project with the Tate Gallery further enhance his status.  His insights into "What Is Art?" are sure to be invaluable.

This exhibit is designed not merely to showcase art but to stimulate conversation between divergent paths within contemporary art.  The aim is to prove that success in the art world is not a monolithic concept but a spectrum of possibilities, each as valid and valuable as the next.

Gallery Space

The gallery is located in the vibrant heart of the iconic Tower Bridge district in London.  An elegant blend of historical richness and modern energy, the space serves as an extraordinary platform for artists and audiences alike.

From the Exhibition Catalogue

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