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The Art of Phoneography: 
Book One  

by Xiomaro  

Tea Table Books  

Softcover · Saddlestitched  
53 black-and-white images  
33 pages  
8.5 x 5.5 inches  

Price includes  
shipping and tax  

Funds support my work  
advocating for the National Parks  

 The Art of Phoneography:  Book One

The popularity of my Art of Phoneography workshops demonstrates that there is great interest in creating better smartphone photos. Attendees have consistently requested for instruction on how to creatively edit their photos. Using lots of illustrations and examples, this booklet will walk you step-by-step through the process of applying three important techniques:  creative cropping, dodging and burning, and artistic black and white photo conversion.

It is not necessary to have taken my workshop. You can read this booklet and tastefully enhance your images regardless of whether they were taken with an Android or iPhone. The booklet is small enough to carry in your bag.  Read and learn at your own pace and while you are on the go. 

All funds go toward my advocacy for the National Parks through my artwork, exhibits, research, and lectures.

Sample Pages
Booklet Sample

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